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A moving underwater dance performance by French writer, dancer and director Julie Gaultier. She sez of it:

Ama is a silent film. It tells a story everyone can interpret in their own way, based on their own experience. There is no imposition, only suggestions. I wanted to share my biggest pain in this life with this film. For this is not too crude, I covered it with grace. To make it not too heavy, I plunged it into the water. I dedicate this film to all the women of the world



An excerpt from Kelly And Company – a crowdsourced variety show that aired on Detroit TV channel WXYZ from 1977 to 1994.

The winner on this episode was one Ralph ‘Whistler’ Geise, with an extraordinary (or, if you’re no fan of his pursed-lip exertions, excrutiating) rendition of ‘Georgia On My Mind’

Ralph still performs to this day with a group called Whistler’s Muthers.


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Painting Surgeries by French Canadian artist Marie-Lou Desmeules, an alarming blend of ‘performance, painting, sculpture and photography’. To wit:.

Marie-Lou works directly on her models. She covers them under acrylic paint, clothes, plastic, paper & hair to create sculptures out of them. The final artworks are photographs of the living sculptures.In her series “Celebrities”, Desmeules (re)creates pop culture icons and famous personalities. Her work questions the notion of beauty, the growing plastic surgery industry, genders & identity.