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Former Junior Finance Minister Michael D’Arcy who is resigning his Seanad seat to become the Chief Executive of a lobbying group for the funds sector, the Irish Association of Investment Management (IAIM)

This afternoon.

[Sinn Féin President] Ms [Mary Lou] McDonald, referring to Mr D’Arcy leaving the Seanad for a “big job”, asked what it says to families and businesses who are relying on the Government to stand up for them, to go and bat for them.

She said the Tánaiste welcomed the new job of Mr D’Arcy, while other ministers have concerns and wanted to know what action the Taoiseach proposed to take.

Mr Martin replied:

“I believe there should be an effective cooling-off period and I am not happy or in any way comfortable with people taking up a position who have been in office particularly in the area where they had responsibility.”

Taoiseach ‘not comfortable’ with D’Arcy appointment (RTÉ)

Yesterday: Mr D’Arcy Takes A Job


Former Minister of State at the Department of Finance Michael D’Arcy (left) and Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe,  at the National Economic Dialogue last year


This morning.

Former junior finance minister Michael D’Arcy is to resign his seat in the Seanad to become chief executive of the Irish Association of Investment Management (IAIM), the representative body for the funds and investment industry here.

Mr D’Arcy, who worked on policy towards the funds sector in his role as Minister for State with responsibility for financial services and insurance, takes the job as the industry faces major changes in the wake of Brexit…..

Good times.

Former junior finance minister to head funds sector lobby group (Irish Times)




Senator Michael D’Arcy (Fine Gael) spoke in the chamber this morning about unprecedented criminal activity in the Travelling community.

Now that we’re into the long dark winter nights, people are finding it that they’re not safe in their homes and it’s a real concern. But specifically it has been brought to my attention about the level of criminality in the Travelling community is now out of control. And I think it’s important to qualify that statement Chair because I don’t want anybody to say that I’m against Travellers or anything of that nature. I certainly am not. But where one sector of society seems to be ignoring the boundaries that we all live by, that’s not acceptable. The travelling community are not taking responsibilty for their own members. I’ve been informed by senior members of the Gardai that very serious crime within the travelling community at a level that was never seen before is now occurring. I’m calling for the Minister for Justice to come in to have a debate upon serious criminality and that we can scope further the actions of the Gardai to see are they able to impact upon the level of crime within the travelling community. It just can’t be left unchecked because it is burgeoning and spiralling upwards in a way that is not acceptable.

Genuine concerns or has the Senator been watching Love/Hate?