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vodafone-iphone-3gs-goodDid you pay a sizeable deposit on an indecently expensive phone?

Alan writes:

I was going through old files and see when I bought an iphone/contract, 3 years ago, Vodafone made me pay 100 Euro as a deposit. Fair enough, as iPhones are expensive. However they never gave me back the money (or put it in my account). Literally they just pocketed it. So I emailed in early September with all the receipts etc. and STILL I am waiting for MY money back.

I wonder how many people have forgotten about ‘deposits on expensive phones’ and I wonder does Vodafone (or other operators) have a statistic on how profitable people’s forgetfulness can be?



8735492659_38bc048e0f_bSean Smyth writes:

Ever wonder how many phone shops there are on Moore St? No? Me neither… but I still went out and took a photo of every single phone shop on Moore Street. Small street – loadsa phone shops. What gives?

No. 94 of Sean’s 365 photography project which involves Sean taking
a photo/s every single day for a whole year.

Follow Sean’s progress here.
(Hat tip: Damien Mulley)

A mobile phone that runs for ‘up to’ 10 hours on a single AA battery.

It’s called the SpareOne.

Due to begin shipping in March, the SpareOne phone from California-based XPAL Power is a dual-band GSM cell phone that offers up to 10 hours of talk time on just a single Alkaline, NiMH or Lithium AA battery.


Mobile phone runs on a single AA battery (SpringWise)

Thanks Bibi Baskin Robbins