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eatingdog-hed-2013dogmeat-example1 dogmeat-example3 dogmeat-example2In an ongoing effort to raise awareness of the health risks and cruelty caused by the harvesting of millions of cats and dogs for meat each year in China – including family pets snatched from the street – animal rights organisation AnimalsAsia posted over 270 ads in 14 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Shenzhen. Animals Asia explains:

The posters aim to inform the public of the health risks of eating dog and cat meat and to prompt people to re-evaluate why they’d eat animals they might otherwise consider friends not food.

China Gets a Wake-Up Call with Animals Asia’s New ‘Say No to Cat and Dog Meat’ Campaign (One Green Planet)



A groundbreakingly dark 1973 public information film narrated by the late, great Donald Pleasence which – depending on your vintage – will either amuse you, chill you or occasion a powerful wave of nostalgia for Saturday morning children’s programmes on BBC.

‘I’ll be back, back, back….’