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In fairness.

In September 1948 a draft memorandum prepared for the first Inter-Party government claimed that ‘a great many of the young girls who emigrate to Britain become pregnant’.many of the reports are tragic and alarming in the extreme.

The continued emigration of large numbers of young women is a disquieting feature of our national life and one which gives rise to serious concern on moral, social and demographic grounds’.

‘Bad girls’: When the Irish State sought to ban emigration of young women to Britain (John Gibney, Irish Times)

Orla writes:

At no point in this otherwise thorough article (above) does the author consider a key reason many young women were leaving Ireland in droves was so they could keep their babies….

In fairness.


What do mean you’ve ‘forgotten her number’?

Liam Phelan writes:

“A listener to the Ray Darcy show on Today FM wrote to the show describing how their mother has only a few months to live and was looking for advice on how best to spend this precious time with her….No, I just have something in my eye.”

Warning: contains synth music and tender stock imagery some readers might find overly ‘new age-y’.