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While John Lewis and the other shops prepares to woo people with big-budget ads about inflatable shoes or a talking Christmas brick or whatever, the supermarket Iceland (it hasn’t gone away you know) takes the opportunity to draw attention to rampant deforestation and the global demand for palm oil, which is destroying orangutan habitats. Co-produced with Greenpeace, voiced by Emma Thompson.

“Banned” is a strong word, but it seems UK body Clearcast declined to clear it for broadcast due to its political messaging, in breach of the UK’s Broadcast Code of Advertising Practice.

And that”s why mum’s gone to Iceland.


Iceland’s Christmas TV advert banned for being too political (The Guardian)

The Zoo.

Broadcast on RTÉ One this Sunday at 7.30pm for its 8th series (in fairness).

Fergus McCormack writes:

Episode one opens up with a unique study between Dublin and Barcelona Zoos involving Tinder for Orangutans

Sari the Bornean orangutan will soon be leaving her home at Barcelona Zoo to join Sibu and the rest of the troop in Dublin.

As part of the study, the zookeepers use a video introduction to help break the ice.




Budi the orangutan [top] is recovering after almost a year of serious neglect. The tiny ape spent the first 10 months of his life in a chicken coop and was severely malnourished after surviving only on condensed milk. Before his rescue, Budi was a family pet in Ketapang, Indonesia. The milk alone couldn’t provide the nutrients the growing orangutan needed to properly develop. Eventually, the family realised that Budi was very ill and turned him over to authorities…

Budi the orangutan is recovering after almost a year of neglect (Tricia Gilbride, Mashable)

Simon Laurens Realistic “Mollie” Orangutan Toddler Doll.

From the product description:

She’s always dressed for fun! Make a play date with Mollie, an adorable orangutan doll created by master sculptor Simon Laurens – his Ashton-Drake Galleries debut! You’ll delight in her exceptional realism, like the wrinkles around Mollie’s pretty blue eyes and mouth, and the tiny folds and creases on the bottom of her feet, just like real orangutans. She has hand-painted nails, and wispy hand-applied auburn hair that is adorned with a big bow.

$149.99 from Ashton Drake Galleries