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The Planar House, designed by Studio MK27 in the Brazilian municipality of Porto Feliz, consists of two vast concrete slabs separated by pillars.

The interior is encased by a sliding glass façade which opens onto a terrace, creating an open pavilion. The roof is clad in grass, blending into the surrounding lawn and the landscape beyond.

And there’s you there with a G&T.


BMAy-mjCcAIZUa-The Trinity College, Dublin, cricket ground pavilion, this evening.

Thanks Karl Lumsden


kerryOn the Kerry side of the [Cork/Kerry] bounds.

Thanks Anne

BMBfbQBCYAAE-8TCork Harbour from the Cork-Dublin flight.



proxy-1Looking across to Mount Leinster from Borris,Co Carlow.

Thanks Wayne Murphy

manowarMan O’ War, Fingal, Dublin, today.

Thanks Eoin Darby

BMBrmNOCQAAZQ9oFrom The Gasworks, Ballsbridge, Dublin, tonight.

Thanks Brian Bennett

cctvFrom Liberty Hall, Dublin, this evening.

Thanks anon