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Diarmaid keane writes:

Just to remind you to log on at 2.30pm today here. Two speakers, Corynne McSherry and Richard Bennet, both with in depth knowledge and experience on the subjects of Internet policy, network management intellectual property will discuss the question – How we can prevent online piracy while protecting internet freedom?

Caboosicle writes:

Although I agree with Broadsheet’s position with regards to SOPA, I feel that
as an Irish based website, you should be more concerned when the Irish
Governments plan to restrict the ability of Irish people to use the
internet as they see fit.

On December 19, 2011, the Irish Times stated that the Minister of State for Research (among other things) plans to allow record companies and such to be allowed to seek injunctions banning internet service providers (ISPs) from allowing access to so called online piracy sites:

This comes despite an European Court Ruling (which can be found here)
from the November 24, 2011 which says:

“EU law precludes the imposition of an injunction by a national court which requires an internet service provider to install a
filtering system with a view to preventing the illegal downloading of files”, 

I find it a pity the Minister of State for Research [Sean Sherlock] has not
done his research and told EMI et al that what they are asking for is

I hope you are as concerned about the implications that this may have
as I am and I hope you will highlight this, as you see fit.

THE GOVERNMENT is set to tackle illegal downloading of music and films in January by plugging a gap in the Republic’s laws that allows internet users access to sites that “pirate” this material.

Minister of State for Enterprise Seán Sherlock is to publish an order early in the new year that is expected to allow music publishers, film producers and other parties to go to court to prevent internet service providers from allowing their customers access to pirate websites.

The Department of Enterprise, Innovation and Jobs has written to music publisher EMI Ireland confirming the order will be published and incorporated into existing legislation in January. Mr Sherlock also said in a written answer to a parliamentary question that the order, or statutory instrument, would be published next month.

Illegal downloading to be curbed by Government order (Irish Times)


HADOPI, the French agency that disconnects French Internet users for alleged copyright infrigement conducted a study on media purchasing habits earlier this year. It concluded that the biggest unauthorized downloaders are also the biggest customers for legitimate media. That is to say, pirates are also heavy legal consumers.

This isn’t exactly groundbreaking news. Every other report conducted on the same subject has come to the same conclusion. HADOPI has been attempting to downplay its findings but Joe Karaganis from SSRC reformatted the results to make them clear.

Cue new, reasoned thinking from the copyright police?

Don’t hold your breath.

Another Day, Another Study That Says ‘Pirates’ Are The Best Customers… This Time From HADOPI (TechDirt)