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Phenomenons by Japanese marine photographer Ryo Minemizu: diverse plankton species against the darkened deep water backdrops at the Osezaki sea near Mount Fuji, the Philippines and Maldives..

From top: the tiny larval fish of Dendrochirus; a minute larval Gymnapogon; the very wee larval fish of Soleichthys; an acutely diminuitive larval Tripod fish; the itty-bitty Paralepididae; a hardly worth bothering about Megalopa larva of Eplumula phalangium; the normally impossible to make out larva of Lysmataa; a sub-Lilliputian Nausithoe jellyfish and the really very far from large larval stage of the Barred soapfish.



bioluminescence-hong-kong-noctiluca-scintillans-sea-sparkle-2 bioluminescence-hong-kong-noctiluca-scintillans-sea-sparkle-1bioluminescence-hong-kong-noctiluca-scintillans-sea-sparkle-3 bioluminescence-hong-kong-noctiluca-scintillans-sea-sparkle-4
Photos of a bioluminescent bloom by Noctiluca scintillans plankton on the Hong Kong seashore last week.

For all its ethereal beauty, the phenomenon, known as ‘sea sparkle’, is caused by pollution (in this case, agricultural runoff) disturbing the dinoflagellate.