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This morning.

This can only mean one thing.

They know their history?

No. The populist variant is mutating.

Via The Irish Times:

Surging Covid rates in some of Europe’s central and eastern states are demonstrating a worrying correlation between vaccine scepticism and populist politics.

The phenomenon is marked in the German-speaking states of Austria, Germany – particularly those parts which emerged from East Germany – and Switzerland, currently top of the European league of the unvaccinated.

All three are seeing surging Covid rates. More than 55 million Germans are fully vaccinated, but 22 per cent of adults remain unvaccinated, three times Irish levels.

And polls show a strong correlation between refusal to vaccinate and support for far-right parties like Alternativ für Deutschland and Austria’s Freedom Party….


The populist surge (Irish Times)

Graph: Financial Times

Sinn Féin supporters celebrate at the Generel Election 2020 count centre in the RDS last night




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