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Lorcan Bourke with two Rooster-spellbounded, spud-loving tykes.

Happy Potato Day to you and yours!

But have we lost the true meaning of National Potato Day?


Lorcan Bourke of Bord Bia writes:

‘Bord Bia, in conjunction with the Irish Potato Federation and the Irish Farmer’s Association, is delighted to welcome the return of National Potato Day TODAY..
Ireland’s love of the potato remains strong, with 96.6% of all Irish households buying potatoes in 2014 – that’s 1.6 million households! And it’s not just traditional potato dishes that are finding favour with the public, Potato.ie has just released the nation’s ‘Magnificent Seven’, a list of the seven most downloaded potato dishes from the site. Much-loved traditional potato recipes enjoyed by generations of Irish people are featured alongside easy-to-prepare contemporary and international dishes, including Lebanese spiced potatoes and potato and onion pakoras.

Pádraic Óg Gallagher, President of the Restaurants Association of Ireland and Proprietor/Executive Chef of Gallagher’s Boxty House [Temple Bar, Dublin], who has been creating delicious potato recipes for over 26 years said: “The potato is the star of our menu and we even grow some of our own potatoes on site and serve them in the restaurant daily. The potato is such a great natural food for creating quick and easy recipes and I would encourage everyone to check out Potato.ie for inspiration and to try one of ‘The Magnificent Seven’ recipes in celebration of National Potato Day”.’

To celebrate National Potato Day We have A dinner for FOUR in the Boxty House including cocktail aperitifs by their award-winning mixologist, Michael Griffiths (who will be representing Ireland at the world cocktail championship in Taiwan next month) to literally giveaway.

To enter, just complete this SIMPLE sentence:

“My favourite potato-based recipe involves_____________________________________”

Lines MUST close at 2.15 4.45pm 9pm.



Sido writes:

“I grow potatoes in buckets, using the old, leftover ones, from the supermarket. Now I don’t know if you remember that old fact about potatoes being related to tomatoes, but I was recovering some of my potatoes from the bucket when I noticed that the withered plant had produced fruit. I enclose the pictures. Is this usual? “



The most recent Eurobarometer study (2010) shows that Genetically Modified food has less than 25% acceptance among European citizens, while over 70% believe GM to be inherently unnatural. There is no grey area between being a GM free country and not. Ireland cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hound when it comes to our reputation as a food exporter. Either we value and protect our reputation as a clean, green food island and continue to exploit high value export markets, or we can court the pet projects of industrial agriculture and exit the food business in favour of the low value commodity business. It appears that both Teagasc and the EPA have chosen the latter.


EPA Decision to Grant Licence to Teagasc to Trial GM Potatoes in Ireland Carries Grave Ramifications (Organic-Trust.org)

Green Light For Growing GM Potatoes In Ireland (RTE)

(Mark Stedman/Photocall Ireland)