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Alpha Bravo Monitoring tweetz:

SAM29 USAF 92-9000 VC-25A out from Stansted, positioning to Shannon






Shannon Radar tweetz:

Photos taken at Shannon in the past few days. RTE predict Trump will land at four.

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Pope Francis

Kate O’Neill, in The Times Ireland edition, reports:

Thousands of tickets for the papal visit in August have been snapped up by protesters aiming to ensure low attendance by not showing up to the event.

The Say Nope to The Pope group is encouraging people who object to the Pope’s visit to Ireland in August to book tickets online, which are available free of charge.

One protester claimed to have booked 1,312 tickets to the events, which may now go unused.

“You can book as many times as you like on the same email address. I’ve booked 12 (9 times) so 108 tickets! They all have different booking references so they are definitely working,” the Facebook user wrote.

In a later update the same user said: “Even better!! I’m now booking in coaches (max is 8 coaches with 82 passengers on each total of 656 “pilgrims”) so I’ve googled a random name of a parish, a random name of a coach company, made up the drivers’ name and number, etc, and I’ve already booked two of these bookings, so a total of 1,312 people. Do this instead of the individual bookings!”

Protesters grab Pope tickets . . . to bin them (Kate O’Neill, The Times Ireland edition)

Say Nope To The Pope (Facebook)

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This morning.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip arrived by helicopter at the Giant’s Causeway in Co. Antrim where they were met by Northern Ireland’s first minister Arlene Foster (third pic).

‘I’m still alive’: Queen jokes on Northern Ireland visit – video (The Guardian)

Pics: Rebecca Black and The Royal Family

DIFFERENT APPROACHES on human rights will be taken by Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Eamon Gilmore when they welcome Chinese vice-president Xi Jinping to Ireland this weekend.

Ah yes, the recent crackdown on human right activists, the jailed dissidents, the stifled free speech. All the issues that Obama is currently taking flak for not broaching, despite promising otherwise…

The Taoiseach clearly has no intention of raising such issues and his spokesman said last night: “The primary focus of this visit is to promote business and trade relationships between China and Ireland.

“The normal vehicle for addressing issues such as human rights is through EU foreign policy and, if the matter is to be raised, it would be in that context.”

However, a spokesman for Mr Gilmore said: “In meetings with Chinese leaders who visit, we raise human rights issues in a frank, friendly and respectful manner, which reflects the maturity of our relationship.”

Hello Mr Jinping. Tell me this and tell me no more: how do you feel the oul’ human rights are being respected in China? Satisfactorily, you say? Great stuff. And come here to me, do ye actually have real dragons over there, you know like in Harry Potter and that? You do? Well faith and that’s much needed investment, I mean mighty.

Chinese leader will not face questions, says department (Irish Times)


XI JINPING, the man in line to be China’s next leader, will make a landmark visit to Ireland this month to discuss tourism, trade and other issues, The Irish Times has learned.

Mr Xi (58) is expected to be here from February 18th to 20th, sources said, on a trip that will also take in a meeting in Washington with US president Barack Obama on February 14th, along with a visit to Turkey.

A full statement will be released today in Beijing.

The itinerary is still being developed and many aspects have yet to be confirmed but it is believed the visit will likely include a trip to the west of Ireland, including Shannon, to showcase the country as a tourism destination, as well as several business engagements in Dublin to promote trade links between Ireland and China.

“Cultural activities and Chinese community events are also anticipated,” the source said.

The son of a veteran revolutionary and guerrilla leader, Mr Xi is one of the “princelings” of the Chinese Communist Party’s political dynasties, and is generally described as being charismatic and engaging, but not likely to be a reformer.

He is set to succeed President Hu Jintao when his second term ends in October this year, and could rule China for the next decade.

China’s Heir Apparent To Visit Ireland This Month (Irish Times)