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This morning/afternoon.

New guidance for workplaces has been published to ‘reflect the recent relaxation of most public health measures’.

Transitional Protocol here


Speaking on RTÉ’s Today with Claire Byrne programme, Head of Communications with Fórsa Bernard Harbor said the legislation published last week was more of a “right to refuse” than a right to request remote working and is out of kilter with what is actually happening in workplaces.

He said the legislation needs to be radically revised if it is to capture the benefits of remote working.

Mr Harbor said the legislation does not help the most vulnerable who would benefit most from remote working arrangements, but has an employer who may simply refuse the application.

He added there is a danger that workplaces will simply revert to old work practices because the emphasis is on the phased return to work, rather than the long-term benefits of remote working.

New workplace guidance following easing of Covid restrictions (RTE)

This morning.

O’Connell Street, Dublin 1 and O’Connell Street Luas stop.


….responding to the government’s proposed working from home bill, Social Democrats Enterprise Spokesperson Catherine Murphy said:

“I was concerned, before the legislation was published, that the Bill would be tepid and underwhelming. Those fears have now been borne out. Instead of granting employees a right to work from home, the legislation is an employers’ charter which creates wide-ranging exemptions from the entitlement.

“For instance, a request to work from home can be refused if an employer feels there is a “potential negative impact” on quality of work or performance – not an actual or verified negative impact. These refusal grounds are so all encompassing, they make a mockery of the stated purpose of the legislation.”

Yesterday: Not Remotely Like A Right

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THis afternoon.

Dublin castle, Dublin 2.

Tanaiste Leo Varadkar outlines the government’s plans to have a right to REQUEST remote working.



Yesterday: The Right To be Remote


Ah now.

The government must introduce legislation that gives workers a legal right to work remotely – not merely the right to request flexible working arrangements, according to the Social democrats

This afternoon.

The government has said it will this week publish legislation that gives people a statutory right to ‘request working from home’.

Social Democrats Enterprise Spokesperson Catherine Murphy said:

“This does not go far enough. The default position should be that flexible working is permissible. It should not be at the whim of employers to accept it or reject it.

A change like this could be truly transformative, particularly for women, disabled people and carers – many of whom have been forced to give up work, or locked out of the jobs market, because of the absence of a statutory right to work remotely…

“…The right to remote working is also of crucial importance to ease housing pressure in urban areas and to facilitate rural regeneration.”



More To Life – Living the best life in County Mayo.

Last month, The Western Development Commission launched a video campaign to showcase the career and lifestyle opportunities available in the West of Ireland.

Today the Commission has released a second video (above) to further lure people out of the cities.

Alan Mulrooney writes:

The video features Nathalie Moyano who moved to Foxford, Co Mayo from Dublin in March this year and is now enjoying the fruits of working remotely with a more relaxed pace of life.

Born in France, Nathalie moved to Ireland in 2002 and spent years commuting from Wicklow to the city centre. She moved to Co Mayo on the first day of lockdown and found herself surrounded by woodlands, beautiful riverside walks and stunning gardens at a time when many people were confined to city apartments with no access to open spaces

In fairness.

Western Development Commission