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Shane Lynne writes:

I have been looking at rainfall for cyclists and working out how often people actually get wet when cycling to work in Ireland.

– People get wet on their way to/from work three times as much in Galway as they do in Dublin.

– If you cycled to work every work day in Dublin in 2015, you would have gotten wet 35 times in the year, compared to 115 in Galway and 67 in Cork.

There you go now.

How wet is a cycling commute in Ireland? Pretty wet… if you live in Galway (Shane Lynn)


This evening.

Alan writes:

Tree down on Lower Dodder Road [Dublin]. Pain in the hula-hoop if you’re using it to get to Rathgar area.


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Andrew Carey tweetz:

Probably the scariest picture you will see from Limerick in the wake of Storm Darwin. Knocklisheen road. No one in van at the time.


Reppy writes:

I’m heeding all advice on the stay indoors warnings… Thankfully the fire is on in the Man O’ War [pub] north county Dublin….




Youtuber, ReeeceIRL‘s compilation of two months worth of light-jumpers, cutters-up and dozy pedestrians that make biking to work in Dublin something of a hazard, all set to the apt strains of Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Asshole Song.’