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The 22km wide Endeavour Crater  – one of three images sent back from Mars by NASA’s Opportunity Rover this week, processed by Jason Major.

The rover’s mission was originally designed to last 90 days. 

13 years later, it’s still trundling around the red planet, taking snaps.




Highly derivative of Pixar’s Wall-E but still very cute, this highly accomplished short by VFX graduate Shawn Wang (his Communication University of China graduation thesis film) tells the tale of two exploratory rovers sent to trial plant growth on a potentially inhabitable planet.


The Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) – mounted on a turret at the end of the Curiosity rover’s robotic arm, had its dust cover removed over the weekend and is now officially in action. Among the first pictures that NASA engineers took were a series of views of the rover’s undercarriage

The above composite was then stitched together by blogger Astro0 at Unmanned Space Fight.



NASA has just released a huge scrollable, zoomable panorama of the Martian surface assembled from footage shot by the Opportunity Rover (Curiosity‘s less advanced predecessor) on the rim of the Endeavour crater between December 2011 and May 2012.

Go and look around.

It’s very impressive.