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Chairwoman of the RTÉ Authority Moya Doherty

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…via The Times:

In an email to all staff on Thursday afternoon Eimear Cusack, director of human resources at the broadcaster, said:

“As we enter what remains one of the busiest periods of the year, please ensure you are fully aware of our Covid-19 return to work protocols which we have carefully developed to enable us to operate safely as an essential service and to protect you and those who, out of necessity, visit our sites.”

The story in The Irish Sun was published on Friday morning.

Ms Cusack also told staff that they “must work together to stay apart (two metres) and continue to wash our hands”.

In a statement, RTÉ did not respond to queries if there were any reasons why the email was sent out, a day before the story broke…


Moya Doherty, chairwoman of the RTÉ Authority, said:

I have asked for an update on this matter this week, and the board will address the matter in full at its meeting next week.

RTÉ reminded staff of rules just before scandal broke (Brian Mahon, The Times)

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