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Froinky writes:

Parking like a boss. Is this a Broadsheet record? Spotted this monster parked across 6 parking spaces in San Diego.




Ah here.

Dave H writes:

 In Los Angeles…I think it might beat the ‘joy of six’ or at least equals it…

elemmentpalazzolandyacht-mainelemmentpalazzolandyacht2 elemmentpalazzolandyacht5 elemmentpalazzolandyacht4 elemmentpalazzolandyacht3elemmentpalazzolandyacht1The Elemment Palazzo Land Yacht (yours for a mere €2.2 million) is 13.7 meters of luxurious ostentation with a motorised upper deck sky lounge bar, heated floors, a fully fitted kitchen and master ensuite with rainfall shower.

We’d park ours down the Bray seafront and eat chips on the roof.


(H/T: John Gallen)