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This afternoon.

Via RTÉ Living:

Deducing the very crux of the matter down to the fact that ‘boys love clever things, cleverly and girls love foolish things, foolishly,” these sentiments are exactly what beg the question; who is the arbiter of what’s high- or lowbrow?

Who maligned these inoffensive interests so unscrupulously and so consistently that we feel bad about earnestly reveling in something that sparks joy? Who established the hierarchy of taste, denouncing silly little pop songs and condoning three-hour snooze fests?

Who are the bastions of virtue that make people feel the need to justify why they like something, only legitimise it as acceptable when done facetiously? Why do I feel like they would exude extreme name-three-songs energy?

Nick says: GULP.

Nick adds: Fight!

Nick plays: ‘Gold’ by Spandau Ballet.

Is the idea of a ‘guilty pleasure’ inherently sexist? RTE Living (Sarah Gill, RTÉ Living)