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When 15 year old Tom Halpin saw Logos Hope in Hong Kong, he rushed on board to meet the crew. In 2009, Tom, then an agnostic, had visited the ship in his home city of Dublin, Ireland with his youth group. During a service on board a man called Justin from Bermuda asked if people wanted to leave their sin behind and truly commit to following God, to stand up with their eyes closed. “I told myself I wouldn’t ever stand up,” said Tom, “but an overwhelming force came from beneath me, I opened my eyes and I was standing up.” Today, Tom helps run a kids club at his church, organising games and teaching the Bible. “Thank you to the Logos Hope crew for giving God the chance to speak to me,” he added.


Bloody Germans trying to take over the world again.


Well, call me Ishmael…

California-based artist Tim Hawkinson’s painstakingly detailed Möbius Ship.

Named after a nineteenth-century astronomer and mathematician, the Möbius Strip is a surface that has only one side, and exists as a continuous curve.

The title is a witty play on Herman Melville’s novel Moby Dick, which famously relates the tale of a ship captain’s all-consuming obsession with an elusive white whale. The ambitious and imaginative structure of Hawkinson’s sculpture offers an uncanny visual metaphor for Melville’s epic tale, which is often considered the ultimate American novel.