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Dublin Port. 4.15 this afternoon.

Michael O’R writes:

One of the joys of where I work (Ringsend) is the view of the fascinating goings on in Dublin Port. Today, I noted a visitor to the port. Several times, these grey ships can be seen calling here, and what they are doing, I never know. Usually foreign flag ships, likely just picking up supplies, possibly dropping men off for medical reasons, who knows?  But given the year that’s in it, I can’t help wondering what is really going on. Especially when they do not show up on the wonderful Marine Traffic tracking website [lower pic with mystery berth ringed]….Admittedly, our own ships never show up on that either, so probably nothing, but never let that get in the way of a good conspiracy theory…

Boat-Breaks-in-Two-01-e1371655369888-634x337Boat-Breaks-in-Two-05-634x420Boat-Breaks-in-Two-02-634x420 Boat-Breaks-in-Two-04-634x420 Boat-Breaks-in-Two-03-634x422On Monday, after just five years in service, the container ship MOL Comfort met its maker off the Yemen coast when – loaded with cargo – it split in two as its bow and stern dropped down into troughs either side of a large wave.

All 26 crew survived and were safely transported from the two halves which – bizarrely – remain afloat, awaiting tugs to drag them to shore.