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It seemed that no one exposed to him could be immune to his magnetism. The media coverage and the nation’s reaction is a testament to how much a self-developed code of ethics and a strict discipline of treating all with respect, even if it wasn’t reciprocal, could shape a character of such rarity.

Mick Lally’s son, Darach, yesterday.

Final Ovation For Mick Lally (Kathryn Holmquist – Irish Times)

Marie Mullen Remembers A Scholar With A Voice Of Silk (Galway Advertiser)

All photographs by Eamonn Farrell (Photocall Ireland)


His people killed their people

CLICK the ARROW for more pix from that historic address in Cork yesterday.

Lenihan gets mobbed. Cowen gets jealous. You know how this is going to end.

Civil War Wounds Healed By St Brian Of Beal Na mBlath (Carl O’Brien, Irish Times)

(Photocall Ireland)


Yesterday in Dublin. Fighting for fairness, equality and the right to be as miserable as straight couples.

A march to the doors of Department of Justice followed by a rather delicious barbecue. More fun than Croke Park. More lumberjack shirts than a Big Country concert.

(Photocall Ireland)


Yesterday at The Royal College of Physicians.
Put down your iPhone and imagine the TV Now Awards taking place during the daytime, in August, at a medical institution. You will be some way to picturing the glittering scenes in Dublin yesterday.

But why imagine when you only need to CLICK the ARROW and view a 26-shot gallery of the finest TV people not currently working for RTE. Enjoy.

(Photocall Ireland)



He’s actually having a terrible time.

Ker. Tish.

No. No. This is an incredible Slide-Show, courtesy of today’s New York Times, of the world’s ugliest animals. CLICK the ARROWS and see if you can spot more political lookalikes.

Clue: Enda’s one has a big nose.