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Keith Flynn and Lyndsey Clarke created more than 60 false identities, donned disguises and paid homeless people for PPS numbers to fleece banks


That’ll learn them.

Ex-solicitors jailed over bank fraud scheme (RTÉ)

This afternoon.

Further to the introduction by AIB and Bank of Ireland of a new charge, ‘negative interest’, on all monies including home mortgage loans held in solicitor client accounts….

“The banks have wrongly included solicitor client accounts in their general application of negative interest rates, which they maintain apply to savings accounts. Solicitor client accounts are not savings accounts; they are a necessary part of commercial and conveyancing transactions.

“Put simply, when a person is paying out their borrowed money to complete the property purchase they will have less money than when they received the loan. A similar situation will exist for those who are selling and paying off a mortgage. As a direct result of this charge, they will need to have additional money to make up the difference.”

President of the Law Society of Ireland, James Cahill



Law Society calls for client account exemption from new bank charges to reduce unnecessary financial burden on prospective home buyers (Law Society)