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Spekulativ Fiktionnew tunes on the way

What you may need to know…

01. At last, an excuse to talk about Corkman Sean Murphy, a.k.a. rapper and beatsmith Spekulativ Fiktion.

02. Emerging earlier in the decade with scattered live appearances and periodic single releases, Spekulativ Fiktion arrived seemingly fully-formed with 2013’s Deathly Words, a gritty, incisive extended-play that touched on external themes & internal monologues. This was followed in 2014 by Slave Labour, a transcendent piece of collaboration with Limrock beat god Deviant & Naive Ted.

03. Streaming above is a live cut from office fave Alan Newman‘s Boss Level Series, with Spek and Switch X spitting over one of Newman’s own (saucy!) beats. FIlmed in Cork City’s White Street car park, a local graffiti hall-of-fame.

04. Himself and Switch are starting a new group off the back of this collaboration, and guest appearances are due soon on upcoming records for Sligo’s This Side Up and beatmaker Mankyy.

Verdict: With a prophet’s eye, and a most writerly verbal prowess beneath his Cork-accented flow, Spekulativ Fiktion is one of Irish hip-hop’s cornerstones.

Spekulativ Fiktion