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Presenting for your consideration: Harambe vs. Capcom, a fan-made 2D fighting game for Windows.

In which Harambe, being possessed of telekinetic powers, is the target of shadowy international assassins, and stages his death at Cleveland Zoo in order to buy enough time to get to the bottom of the whole intrigue, taking on the cast of Street Fighter II and III along the way, among others.

Game of the year competitor, surely.

Download here.


Cork Fighting Game Community is an organisation dedicated to the organisation and regulation of beat-’em-up games and their competitive play in Cork City.

They are now busting out with public, open casual gameplay and challenges every second  Wednesday at the city-centre’s Roundy pub.

Writes Chris O’Shea,

From September 14th, upstairs in the Roundy is available for Cork FGC barfights every fortnight! So happy to have this up and running, and if things go well, hopefully we can make it weeklies soon enough.

Games on offer include Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Super Smash Bros., and more.


Fight! Begin.

Cork Fighting Game Community