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The twelfth annual Eirtakon anime, sci-fi and gaming convention opens tomorrow in the Croke Park Convention Centre.

Announced a few weeks back as the final installment of the event, organisers have a bit of a New Orleans funeral planned for the Irish anime fandom’s cornerstone event.

Writes Helene Duffy:

Eirtakon expects over 4000 people from all over Ireland will come together for the weekend to celebrate anime, manga and Japanese culture. This year you can meet international cosplay and anime guests, listen to cultural panels, take part in cosplay and gaming workshops, play your favourite board games or compete in the huge range of console tournaments.

During the convention you will also have the opportunity to watch dozens of hours of anime screenings, watch or participate in the Cosplay Blind Date, and shop till you drop in the biggest artist’s alley and trader’s hall ever seen at an Irish convention.

Guest appearances this year include Doom/Wolfenstein creator John Romero, Ghost Recon/Dragon Siege artist Brenda Romero, and voice actors Luci Christian (One Piece, Gunslinger Girl) & John Swasey (Borderlands 2, Halo, One Piece), while musical events include the Irish Video Game Orchestra and the Taiseiyo Taiko Drummers.


Tickets on sale now.



Presenting for your consideration: Harambe vs. Capcom, a fan-made 2D fighting game for Windows.

In which Harambe, being possessed of telekinetic powers, is the target of shadowy international assassins, and stages his death at Cleveland Zoo in order to buy enough time to get to the bottom of the whole intrigue, taking on the cast of Street Fighter II and III along the way, among others.

Game of the year competitor, surely.

Download here.


Yes, deadly.

But they need your help.

Andrea ‘Batcat’ Magnorsky writes:

” I know you generally don’t do this. But we are an Irish Game Developer and we got selected to show our game at the Tokyo Game Show, turns out it’s expensive to get there so we are doing limited pre-orders and we are half way there, can you help? The thing is our game is set in a crazy version of Feudal Japan, it’s called Onikira: Demon Killer [a 2D slide scrolling beat em up]….”

Pre-order HERE


Then you may like this.

YOU share the joystick.

“Have you ever wished your theatre show had the excitement of a video game? Live performance collides with gaming as this adventure comes to life before your eyes. The audience shares the joystick and must work together to guide our hero through a variety of mind-bending puzzles.


…FUSED is a live theatre interpretation of a point-and-click videogame, where audience members take it in turns to direct a character through levels, solving intricate puzzles and (hopefully) completing an exciting mission.”


Fused, which will run as part of the Dublin Fringe Festival, from September 10 to 14, at the Lir Academy in Trinity College, Dublin.

More details here.


SixMinute is a new Dublin gaming company formed by former PopCap employees.

And they’re HIRING.

They’re looking for a game artist and a senior artist.

Those interested should send their cover letter, CV and portfolio to John at jobs@sixminute.com. He wants you to tell him why you should work at SixMinute.

View full job descriptions here.

Thanks Cara Mulcahy

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