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Presenting for your consideration: Harambe vs. Capcom, a fan-made 2D fighting game for Windows.

In which Harambe, being possessed of telekinetic powers, is the target of shadowy international assassins, and stages his death at Cleveland Zoo in order to buy enough time to get to the bottom of the whole intrigue, taking on the cast of Street Fighter II and III along the way, among others.

Game of the year competitor, surely.

Download here.


Brent Weingard of Expert Window Cleaners has been razoring, sponging and squeegee-ing the windows of New York for 35 years.

He recently shared his experience of the high life with the New York Times: the gravity defiance; the vertiginous ledges, the celebrity clients, the Picassos and Van Goghs gimpsed through the windows of vast apartments.

He’s seen it all.


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After the release of the updated Broadsheet iPhone app, Dublin based indie developer Neil Turner (of Bus Nearby fame) asked if we’d be interested in servicing that vital 1% of our mobile users – Windows Phone – for the killer price of the fame and glory it’d bring him.

The app went live over the weekend and Neil has done a brilliant job. if you have a Windows phone, do us a favour and download it from the store.

Android users: We’re still working on an app for you and hope to have it pass final muster sooner rather than later. Sorry.

Broadsheet.ie on Windows Phone