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 The Coombe Woman and Infants University Hospital in Dublin

This morning.

Further to claims in the Dáil that a woman was refused a termination in the case of a fatal foetal abnormality at the Coombe Hospital in Dublin…

“The board have said that they have no role in the ruling of the case – I do think we need to have the full facts.

But I do also know that we must acknowledge it is a new service, there are new challenges of course around a service such as this.

But the service is significantly better than what was there on the 31st of December, when women had to leave the country, leave the jurisdiction to travel abroad for a termination of pregnancy – or they had to purchase medication illegally online.

Nineteen maternity hospital have signed up to provide this service, so obviously there are challenges at the beginning of this service – but as I said I’m not going to rush to any judgement.”

Junior minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor on Newstalk this morning

Update: Minister calls for ‘full facts’ to be known after woman is denied abortion at Dublin hospital (Irish Examiner)

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