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The White Hag Brewery in Balllymote, County Sligo will host an international craft beer festival on the last weekend in July.

And you could join the Hagstravaganza!

Paul Mullin, of the White Hag, writes:

Having won the inaugural Oliver Hughes ‘Best Brewery in Ireland’ award from Beoir, the national craft beer organisation, our team at The White Hag have decided to host an innovative beer festival to celebrate.

The event is designed to celebrate our 3rd Birthday – and hopefully our 4th and subsequent birthdays!

We’re expecting a 1000 capacity crowd to attend the event, with 85% of guests expected to come from outside Sligo.

Beers not poured in Ireland’ is the theme for the event which will see over 60 beers from around the world available for the first time to Irish craft beer fans.

Our call to arms is simple – if you want to come, or know someone who would want to come (Fathers Day next week!) then buy your tickets and get your accommodation now, as rooms are tight and we want to ensure everyone who wants to come and stay over gets a spot.

All event details including accommodation lists and travel advice at link below. Tickets are €25 and include a Festival glass and 4 drinks, as well as a free train to Sligo.

And, as ever, we’d love to reward Broadsheet readers with a prize:

A pair of tickets to HAGSTRAVAGANZA, food and drinks on the day, and overnight accommodation in Sligo for two people!

Simply tell us the best reason why you should win in the comments (below)….

Lines stay open until MIDNIGHT Sunday.

Hagstravaganza (The White Hag)


Want to gain a six pack this Christmas?

Read on

Joe Kearns of Sligo master craft brewers The White Hag, writes:

We’ve had a big year here in The White Hag, from winning Rate Beer best new brewery, to winning all three places for stouts in the Dublin Beer Cup, and several awards for our new sours.

We’ve also had lots of great new bars and bottle shops start stocking our beers, which is the only way we’ll grow as a small brewery.

You guys at broadsheet have been amazing as always, covering any of our launches, events and especially our birthday party. Like lots of other small businesses on here, we wouldn’t get the coverage anywhere else so we appreciate the love from you and your contributors/readers.

To say a small Happy Christmas, we’d like to give you FOUR of our new mixed SIX Packs to give away.

But who would you share your Hag with?

A friend in need? An unsung hero of 2016?  Or even a member of your own family.

Just complete this sentence:

‘I shall be splitting my White Hag six pack with______________________________especially this Christmas because______________________’


Lines Must close at 4.15pm MIDNIGHT!

Four winners chosen.

White Hag Brewery


The White Hag’s new ‘Little Fawn’ IPA


You may recall the recent White Hag Brewery tour brewhaha?

Brian McTernan writes:

The White Hag Brewery have launched an innovative Christmas present for beer drinkers this year, as they open the doors of Sligo’s first brewery in over 100 years to the public.
In the run up to Christmas, the brewery is selling ‘Open Day Brewery Tour Vouchers’, to their open day which runs on the 28th December.

Beer fans will get to meet the Brewer, receive a step by step education on the brewing process, and get to taste all of the beers in The White Hag range. In addition, every guest will get a special commemorative gift to bring home, and some complimentary nibbles on finishing the tour.

The tours will run on the hour for an hour between 1pm and 7pm in the brewery, in Ballymote Business Park.

To reserve a place, please send an email to Chrissy@thewhitehag.com to book your space including the time you would like to start. Each tour costs €20 per person.

We have TWO free passes to give away to two beer-loving broadsheet readers. To enter, just complete this sentence.

‘The best craft tipple I sank this year was a____________at________ [name of bar/location]’

Lines MUST close at 5/15pm

White Hag Brewery

Joe Kearns_TheWhiteHag copy

Joe Kearns, Master Brewer of The White Hag, Ballymote, Co Sligo,

Joe Kearns moved  from Ohio almost two years ago to take up the role as Master Brewer at The White Hag brewery in Sligo..

Yesterday, Joe hosted a group of visitors from the local Teagasc training centre.

As guests were leaving, they asked if they could buy some beers….

Joe writes:

Welcome to Ireland. We have one of the world’s fastest growing craft beer sectors in the world. We also have a massive tourist industry, and it just so happens that a lot of these tourists are coming from the States and they like local beer.

Beer tourism is on the rise. Unfortunately, after the brewers go thru an hour long dissertation on what makes their beer so significant, they have to then tell the party to go elsewhere to try their wares. Because, in Ireland it is illegal to serve, or sell, someone beer from the brewery.

And, if you want to, the license costs €70,000.

What about the local pubs? Wouldn’t they be affected? Not if the law was changed to reflect what they do in the States. Brewery tasting rooms typically close by 7pm. They also cannot sell wine and spirits. These aren’t pubs.

They are tasting rooms, and they’re overdue.

“During a conversation I was having with my long-time friend back in the States, I had came to an interesting conclusion: In Ireland, we’re fortunate enough to be able to still buy our bread at the local baker; buy our beef from the local butcher, yet we still can’t buy our beer from our local brewer.

In 2011, Ohio was one of the last states to implement the Brewery-on-premise-tasting-room laws. Up until that time, breweries were required to purchase an additional license to offer on-trade sales. The additional license cost $4,000. The motivating reason behind changing these laws was to promote tourism within the state; which it did.

White Hag Brewery

Pic via Belgian Smaak

Thanks Paul Mullin and Bob Coggins