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Alan-James Burns writes:

Lower Abbey Street, Dublin, was where the tricolor was first revealed to the nation. There is a plaque to tell you the story but no Tricolour. The plaque says the unveiling of the national flag took place in the music hall at this location on Lower Abbey street on 15th April 1858.


Waterford Update:


In a front-page piece headlined “Irish Euro greetings to the chancellor”, Germany’s mass-market paper told its eight million readers the Irish were “pulling the chancellor’s leg”.


“Merkel has the reputation in Europe of being a tough-as-nails defender of saving, who doesn’t accept a lack of willingness to suffer. That’s something the Irish see humorously.”


“For their Euro aid package, they promised to work hard. Which they do. Except when it’s the European Championships.”


Irish Merkel banner makes cover of ‘Bild’ (Irish Times)

Eddie Gallagher writes:

Heading to Poland Tuesday thought I’d share the pic of our house in Toronto. Not seen in the pic is the 3 small Croatian, Italian and Spanish flags in the window from which the England flag is hanging. To say our roommate pushed his luck with them is an understatement.


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