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The guitar (top) and where it was discovered (above) in Hatch Lane, Dublin 2

Brian writes:

Hey you, forgetful guitarist! Why did you leave your acoustic guitar in Hatch Lane, Dublin 2 last Friday (March 8) between 3.50pm and 4.30pm?

Don’t worry. It’s being looked after (and has new strings on now).

Get in touch [Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie) with the make and description and I’ll get it back to you…



Ann-Marie writes:

I’m writing on behalf of a bunch of concerned customers at The Blue Light pub [Sandyford, Dublin 18].

A little girl about 4 years old, was in The Blue Light Pub in Dublin yesterday with her parents and she had a teddy with her. She said even though he was small and old (a bit tatty I thought) that she loved him most of all. Her parents confirmed that he was indeed her favourite.

However, when they left I found teddy under a seat! He had fallen down while they were getting coats etc.

I shared it on The Blue Light Facebook’s page, and over 200 people have shared it too but we haven’t heard from her parents.

He’s still lost, and although he’s having a nice time with the customers by the turf fire and listening to music, he would very much like to go home to his little girl


The Blue Light (Facebook)


James Gallagher writes:

Found these keys in the cycle lane along the canal this morning. Grove Road [Rathmines, Dublin 6] – not long after junction with Harold’s Cross Road…




Alan Currie writes:

I know you don’t normally do this, but my bike was stolen by some reprobate yesterday from 2-4pm outside Dun Laoghaire library, [Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin]

it’s a Cube Ltd Race mountain bike, it is same as in photo (above) except slick tyres, and I will be sitting in my crying chair until it is replaced/returned, thanks…