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You know.

Maybe we’ve been wrong all this time about Frances.




Sunday Update:

This morning, a spokesperson for Deputy Fitzgerald insisted her team did return the dog to Senator McDowell.

She said a member of the public left the dog with them after asking them if they had a phone to call the owner.

She said Deputy Fitzgerald was as surprised as anyone when that owner turned out to be Senator McDowell – adding that the former Tánaiste is just happy that the dog is safe and well at home.

Frances Fitzgerald Doubles Down On Tall Tail About Lost Dog In Ranelagh (Newstalk)


Stephen Manning writes:

My pals have lost their best friend Toby at about 1.30 this afternoon near Blackhall Place [Dublin 7]. He’s a bit nervous and quite shy.

Please get in contact (below) if you’ve seen him or know where he might be. There’s a cash reward.



Stephen writes:

Toby found. Lost in Benburb Street. Found in Ranelagh [Dublin 6]!! Ducking Fastard!!!


Last Monday, we posted about an acoustic guitar which had been found three days earlier at Hatch Lane, Dublin 2.

Delighted, strumming Broadsheet reader Patrick messaged that his acoustic guitar was mislaid in the same vicinity at the same time.

However, it was a different acoustic guitar.

The emergence of an acoustic guitar stealing crew operating in the area or merely a coincidence, we may never know.

Either way, Patrick left a Sigma 00 vintage Sunburst (as above) on “the boot of a car behind mine when I was putting my kids in and forgot about it and when I went back it was gone”.

He would dearly like it back.

Can you help?

Any excuse

Monday: Have You Lost Your Acousitc Guitar?