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Leah Kilcullen writes:

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Whiplash Beer

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Alan Farrell TD and the Tivoli Jardim hotel in Lisbon, Portugal

Via The Irish Sun:

Whiplash compo claim TD Alan Farrell hit taxpayers for €3,000 for two foreign trips during the time he said his injuries were at their worst.

…Less than two months after the prang, he spent two nights at the four-star Tivoli Jardim Lisbon while travelling with the Oireachtas Justice Committee to study decriminalisation of drugs.

The total cost of the June trip to the Irish taxpayer was €1,579.53.

His three-night Helsinki trip for the annual meeting of the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe just a month later set us back €1,310.18.

Farrell stayed at the swanky Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa at a cost of €507 with a receipt for a €3 train fare also claimed.

Taxpayers foot €3k bill for Fine Gael whiplash compo claim TD Alan Farrell’s trips abroad while he suffered ‘pain’ from prang injuries (The Irish Sun)

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Gary Meneely, in The Irish Sun, reports:

Whiplash politician Alan Farrell played a football game during the period he claimed he suffered pain from injuries following a minor car prang.

Fine Gael’s Alan Farrell played football match while taking claim for injuries in minor Dublin car crash (Gary Meneely, The Irish Sun)

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Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 23.36.39

A dance-friendly remix of Whiplash by Eclectic Method and Genranon. To wit:

In true respect to jazz this is one of those rare electronic tunes that goes through multiple keys in a 2-5-1 chord progression in 5/8 time signature…… Only joking it’s a 4 to the floor smasher totally disrespectful to jazz as a whole but totally in keeping with the yelling rage of band leader Terence Fletcher.

(Occasional NSFW dialogue samples)