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 IAG Chief Executive Willie Walsh

This morning.

Via Sky News:

Willie Walsh, the British Airways boss who orchestrated its merger with Iberia to create International Airlines Group, is to retire after 15 years.

The company said he would step down as chief executive of IAG in March – to be replaced by Luis Gallego, who currently runs Iberia.

Mr Walsh,a former Aer Lingus pilot, took over at BA in 2005, later becoming leader of the wider group….

Boss of British Airways owner IAG to retire (Sky)



Willie Walsh (right), head of International Airlines Group, owner of Aer Lingus

Heathrow’s controversial third runway.

In Dublin!?

“This means I sometimes have to make difficult decisions [Said Willie Walsh] and ultimately the buck stops with me. If the [British] Government continues to dither over a new runway, then I’ll move my business elsewhere. We now have airlines in Dublin and Madrid, and can expand our business there, supporting the strengthening Irish and Spanish economies.”


“This is not just fighting talk — we have the practical ability to expand elsewhere.

This means Spain and Ireland will get the economic benefits and new jobs from our expansion plans, while the UK Government twiddles its thumbs and watches as the world progresses around it.”

BA boss Willie Walsh’s Heathrow threat to PM: If Cameron doesn’t stop dithering over a new runway, I’ll take my business elsewhere (MailOnline)

Thanks Colm King


90370669 90370681Willie Walsh arriving at Leinster House today to meet with the transport committee

“There certainly would be some jobs that are in Aer Lingus today in administrative areas that would in effect be duplicated by administrative roles that we’ve got elsewhere, so we could be looking to reduce – in the head office in the administrative airline, but the big story is we would grow the airline….and the jobs that are created are good quality jobs that would be based in Ireland, primarily based in Dublin.”

Willie Walsh, CEO of IAG (parent of British Airways) on RTÉ Radio One’s Today with Sean O’Rourke earlier.

On the issue of Aer Lingus’ Heathrow slots, he said IAG was prepared to replicate the current block significant shareholders currently exercise over the sale of these slots.
He said they would guarantee that these slots will be used in serving Ireland for a period of five years.

Willie Walsh prepared to give further Aer Lingus’ Heathrow slots guarantee (RTÉ)

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

90368633Former Aer Lingus CEO Willie Walsh in 2004. He is now CEO of IAG, owner of British Airways, which is hoping to take over Aer Lingus.

The Aer Lingus board is preparing to recommend that the company’s shareholders accept a €2.55 a-share offer from IAG, moving the pair closer to a deal following six weeks of negotiations.

Aer Lingus board backs €1.3bn takeover subject to conditions (Barry O’Halloran, Irish Times)

Senior executives at Aer Lingus will earn almost €30m from their bonus share scheme if the sale goes ahead….Only executive directors and senior management benefit from Aer Lingus’s long-term incentive plan.

Aer Lingus bosses to split €30m if deal is approved (Independent.ie)

(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)