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What a Friday night it’s been! According to Tiancheng Luo’s clock, it’s nearly dawn.

Seriously, though, it’s all a bit of a blur. There was a queue outside Vodafone, right? And a bunch of weasels that looked like a willy? Lenny was in an elevator with Joni. And then your one from the Herald started a catfight?

Oh, we’re going to feel this tomorrow.

Ten Things You Will Overhear At The Leonard Cohen Concert

10. “We’re going both nights.”
9.  “Now, that‘s music.”
8. “Lenny thought Jeff’s version was better which is just so Lenny.
7. “These are great seats: I can see John Kelly crying.”
6. “Sssssh”
5. “It’s not a song. It’s a prayer.”
4. ” It’s about Joni Mitchell, she once…(rambling anecdote about The Chelsea Hotel, fellatio and an elevator).”
3. “You gotta hear that on vinyl.”
2. “And they say he’s depressing?!?
1. “Not as good as Kilmainham.”

Lenny at Lissadell

A companion piece to the recent ‘Every Fag Smoked In The First Two Seasons Of Mad Men’ mashup. Don and the lads display their prodigious quaffing skills for your delectation.

HAHAHAAH! Having the craic! All of those people have sclerosis of the liver.

Via Daily

RTÉ Guide (facebook) Newlywed Amy Huberman will be among this week’s guests on ‘Saturday Night with Miriam’. She’s promised to tell all about her wedding to Brian O’Driscoll and their romantic honeymoon in Tanzania!
Saturday Night with Miriam’ airs on RTÉ One at 9:40pm.

Screw Lenny. We’re staying in.

(photo, probably not taken at the airport this morning, via, oh, have a guess)

Taken at 12 Noon today. No, us neither. But the Met say…

Saturday will be a fresh, breezy day with some bright or sunny spells. A scattering of showers will occur also and some will be heavy. Highest temperatures 16 to 19 in a blustery westerly wind.

Sunday will bring a few brighter spells but overall it’ll be fairly cloudy. Some showers or scattered outbreaks of light rain are likely also. Winds will be light, westerly turning northwesterly. Highest temperatures will range 16 to 20 degrees. Sunday night should be mainly dry with clear spells leading to some mist and fog patches. Bank holiday Monday will start dry with some sunny spells but it will turn cloudier from the west during the day.

Yeah, that’s what they always say.