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Jason Weisberger of Boing Boing compares Barry’s and PG Tips.

Who ya got?

PG Tips tastes weakly of old cardboard and has a distinctly metallic tang. I imagine jolly old English folk shredding a Vans shoebox, and adding the tiny metal flakes generated when stripping the screws of a children’s toy battery box cover.

Storm’s a-brewin’.

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Scale-comparison composites by college student Kevin Wisbith.

Above: the prehistoric Pulmonoscorpius kirktonensis or (Breathing Scorpion); a B-2 bomber; the Titanic (on the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan); NASA’s 1950s M-1 rocket engine; the Mir mine in Russia (with the Sears Tower inside) and the Seawise Giant, the largest ship ever built (sunk during the Iran-Iraq war).



The practice of “fostering out” children as cheap labour on farms and in homes where they were often subjected to neglect, beatings and sexual abuse began in the 1850s and continued into the second half of the 20th century. By comparison, our own brutal institutional internment of orphans and the vulnerable children of the poor seems almost benign.

Oh really?

Swiss are coming to terms with the legacy of ‘contract children’ seized from single mothers (Patrick Smyth, Irish Times)

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