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German educational design studio Kurzgesagt explores the many, many obstacles in the way of a functioning human base on the Red Planet. Lethal radiation, minimal energy sources, pesky dust clouds. Those kinds of things. To wit:

Humans love to explore. Strangely enough even horrible places – like Mars. Let’s see how building a Mars base could work and how insanely nerve-wracking exactly it would be.

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Public content images taken from the International Space Station collated into a meditative time-lapse tour of the globe by photographer and video artist Bruce W. Berry Jr.

Full screen for best effect.


Beautifully detailed images of the gas giant taken by NASA’a Juno probe, recently processed by Seán Doran and Gerald Eichstädt.

More images available including this hi-res download on Doran’s Flickr page.


Photos (colourised by mathematician and software pro Gerald Eichstädt) taken by the Juno Spacecraft during its last transit of Jupiter brought to life by Sean Doran.

Juno flies over the surface of the gaseous planet every 53 days, recording six megabytes of data for two hours which takes 36 hours days to download


screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-14-21-45 screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-14-22-20

Joseph Bennett and Charles Huettner’s short for Adult Swim’s Toonami in which a pair of explorers become stranded on a distant planet inhabited by a variety of bizarre lifeforms.


samorost-3-monastery samorost-3-red-cave

Samorost 3 – an immersive game App recently released by Prague based Amanita Design (creators of the award winning Mechinarium).  Surreal, non verbal, heavily reliant on symbolism, sound design and intuition, the game is like an interactive artwork where players progress through the ecosystems of nine planets by solving increasingly difficult puzzles.

It’s no Pokemon Go.