Cycling In Dublin Is Unsafe, Say Dublin Cyclists


From Trinity College, Dublin:

The findings of the largest survey to date on the perception of safety among cyclists in Dublin have been published by engineering researchers at Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork and University of Hong Kong.

For the purpose of the study, a questionnaire based survey of 1,954 cyclists was conducted to gain an insight into the different aspects related to the safety experience of cyclists in Dublin.

Analysis of the responses revealed that cycling is perceived as an unsafe mode of travel compared to driving even by existing cyclists. Careless and reckless bus/taxi/car driver attitude has a significantly negative impact on the safety experience of cyclists. “Campaigns to encourage cyclist-driver cooperation within the network may help combat Dublin’s ‘road rage’,” explained TCD researcher Dr Bidisha Ghosh.

Perception Of Safety Of Cyclists In Dublin (TCD)

Cycling is Considered Unsafe Even by Cyclists (TCD Communications Office)

Pic via William Murphy


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