The Irish Landlord Solution



Apartments for ants?

A council spokesman said: “In the heart of Dublin’s north inner city, in an area extending from the North Circular Road to the River Liffey and from Amiens Street to Dorset Street, over 46pc of all homes have just one bedroom or less. Half of these homes were built over the past 20 years.”


….Fintan McNamara, a spokesman for the Residential Landlords Association of Ireland, disagrees about over supply of accommodation for single people households. He is convinced that micro flats are needed to address the shortage of affordable rental accommodation because so many bedsits have been taken out of the market since the authorities banned the division of old houses into flats which shared bathrooms and other facilities… Is Micro Really Dublin’s Next Big Thing? (

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32 thoughts on “The Irish Landlord Solution

  1. VinLieger

    Moron, planning laws that encouraged developers to only build 2 bedroom apartments is how we are at the current housing shortage and massive rent/property price increase. Encourage 3-5 bedroom apartments to be built and stop pretending Irish families with more than 2 children don’t exist.

  2. JunkFace

    Irish landlords are scum.
    Irish property developers are scum.
    Irish banks are scum.
    Irish Estate agents are scum.
    Irish Government are manipulative scum.

    Repeat to infinity!

  3. Kolmo

    Look at a map of North Dublin City – 100’s of acres of land (excluding Phoenix Park) lying idle, while houses and apartments are squashed into smaller and smaller spaces, look at Grangegorman and all the vacant lands owned by the churches.. let the peasants live like rats on top of each other seems to be the atitude, Dublin is not a Global hub like London or New York, there is no need for this contrived madness

    1. JunkFace

      As with everything to do with Town planning, or construction in Ireland pure GREED and shortsightedness takes over. It trumps Everything. This attitude has been particularly prevalent among the a percentage of generations born in the 1940’s and 50s. They have tried their very best to suck every last penny out of the Country and destroy their children’s and grandchildren’s futures through greed, nepotism, and corruption.
      All governments since the formation of the Republic have broken election promises, passed the buck, made the cash, then bowed out after their four years in charge propped up by a big fat pension.

      This country is an F***ing joke!

      1. Disasta


        Was in civil/structural engineering for years, planning is non existent. They don’t have to work in the Corpo, cushty jobs in there.

        We should have build up along the east quays long ago and build decent family apartments not the horrible rat holes you couldn’t swing a cat in.

        Worked on the ones down the north quays. Horrid poorly build sh!tholes.

        Country is ruined by building the wrong type of structures with the wrong purpose in the wrong place.

  4. Liam from Lixnaw

    “Over 46pc of all homes have just one bedroom or less.”

    A house with less than one bedroom, is it a public house?

    1. Mulch

      Think he is referring to studio flats where its all technically one room and there is no separate defined bedroom as such.

  5. fluffybiscuits

    It may be just as easy to improve transport links to parts of the city which have these vacant lots and then use them. Ensure tehy are up to standard first though….

    1. Jay

      Or you know, we could build upwards.

      County Dublin Population Density 2011: 1379/km^2
      Dublin City Council Area Density: 4608/km^2

      For comparison purposes….
      Levallois-Perret (Suburb of Paris): 26,126/km^2
      Paris: 20,909/km^2
      Barcelona: 15,000/km^2

      Side benefits to this include increased viability of additional Luas/Subway lines, lower car ownership (leaving people financially better off by thousands of euro a year), reduced costs of providing public services etc.

  6. Brian

    I live in an apartment in the area mentioned. I completely disagree with Fintan McNamara. The size, pricing nor layout of these apartments does not in any way indicate that they are micro accommodation. They are just bloody small.

  7. Planet of the Missing Biros

    The are two reasons the shared bathroom bedsits were outlawed.

    1. The main reason was to drive that vulnerable market into the hands of developers who had built lots of small cheap crap and needed it filled. Most of them own entire blocks and have a lot of sway with unscrupulous politicians. They will charge too much for what they offer and those single people, many of them elderly, will end up living in poorly maintained blocks on busy loud streets.

    2. To free up larger red bricks for conversion back to family homes so the children of many of those same landlords can benefit from a still suppressed market and a nice big house for themselves with no…. ewwww…. bedsits near them. They live the middle class propertied lifestyle with their farrow and ball, crunchy gravel drives and obnoxious c*** mobiles.

    Irish politicians are generation after generations of snobby w**kers with no regard for anyone except their own.

    1. Planet of the Missing Biros

      Oh and I am a ‘landlord’ but I don’t treat my tenants like crap and overcharge them or think any less of them because they rent. My parents were from tenements and they taught me that the only thing worth having in life is respect for others.

      1. Anne

        The Irish landlord solution; don’t pay rent, wreck their dumps and move on to the next place..
        Just a thought.

          1. Anne

            Almost as classy as the oligarchy/politicians in cahoots to keep rents exorbitantly high.. There are many forms of scumbags.

      2. JunkFace

        You are a rare breed then. I’ve never had an Irish landlord with any respect for their tenants. I’ve had about 10 landlords now. All greedy scumbags

        1. sheriffbufordtjustice

          I’m a landlord and I have the same tenants for the last 3 years. I have never increased the rent even though rents are going up in the area. I fix any problems immediately and generally maintain the property to a very high standard. I drop a bottle of wine into them every Christmas. I must be in the minority…

  8. Stephen

    I live on my own so a one bedroom apartment isn’t a problem, but I’d want a space I can live in and not a shoebox. People selling or leasing homes and apartments should be required to give the floorspace area in square metres in the advertisement.

  9. sheriffbufordtjustice

    @ Anne so every single landlord is a gangster? I know a few and most of them are decent…

    1. Anne

      Yes, it happens by default when you are profiting off the backs of the less well off.
      Inflating prices.. ensuring young people can’t purchase an affordable property.
      A bottle of wine doesn’t change that.

      I have no time for landlords and any extra money I’ve had, I never wanted to use to buy an extra property. One house is enough.. the greedy don’t understand that.

      1. Lilly

        Life is not so black and white. Many people have become landlords by default, renting out a small property in negative equity so they can rent something bigger themselves to house a growing family. And what would students do without the availability of rental accommodation. Agree with you in general though, the majority of landlords are parasites.

        1. Anne

          Yeah, that you could understand Lilly.

          It’s the greedy fat-cats who already own houses and buy more houses as ‘investments’, pushing the people you describe into that situation, that I don’t give a tuppenny flupp for.. bottle of wine at Christmas or no bottle of wine.

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