Anglo Two Charged



More as they get it.


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13 thoughts on “Anglo Two Charged

  1. Mikeyfex

    Love that, ‘more as they get it’. The main hazard of your journalism Bodger is leaning back too far in the chair.

    I’m not having a go; I’m jealous.

    1. Mr. T.

      No, over 200K it’s fraud. Under 200K it’s theft.

      One gets community service and a ban from the Golf Club for a year. The other gets 10 years jail.

  2. Mulch

    Actual chance of jail time with this one.
    From what i’ve read, he loaned himself the 8m to pay back a BOI loan he was personally liable for. His only collateral put up was his Anglo shares. McAteer then signed off on the loan.
    Both were in positions that would have known about the state of the shares.
    If the loan was issued after the Maple Ten loans, then he should be rubber ducked.
    I’m guessing they will take the ‘ I didnt know the bank was f##cked ‘ defence together with the ” I had every intention of paying it back” route.

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