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Please stop the use of the Wild Mountain Goat from being suspended in a cage [as above] from the top of a crane at Puck Fair causing undue distress and stop the cruelty and abuse that is associated with the Horse and Cattle Fair at same event. Show the world that Ireland can be part of the modern world when it comes to enforcing animal rights’ laws and impose maximum penalties on people who are committing such hideous acts of cruelty. Let’s show the organisers of this event and Government officials that this cruelty must not be tolerated.

From a petition calling for an end to the suspension of a goat at the Puck Fair in Killorglin, Co. Kerry.

It currently has 10,365 signatures.

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Department Of Agriculture, Republic Of Ireland: Ban the cruelty of animals at Puck Fair (

Pic: Puck Fair

21 thoughts on “The Puck Stops Here

  1. Custo

    they could have made the cage / structure look a bit more traditional and organic. Used some nice wood and rope lashing instead of making it look like Funderland’s cast offs.

  2. Jack Ascinine

    Said goat certainly looks distressed, sitting there eating his (her) hay and all. Maybe to celebrate the festival in more traditional form, we could slaughter it and throw it on a grill to serve the hungry masses that attend it. Fallon & Byrne sell a nice French goat but I’m sure Puck would be nice and tender too.

  3. mrmurphster

    If it’s only the goat that they’re petitioning against then why have a picture of a horse…

    2 seperate issues if you ask me!

  4. Tony the Toy Gur

    A petition to save an ‘unduly stressed’ goat received over 10,000 signatures.

    Has the world gone mad?

    Yes, it has.

  5. Tom Stewart

    I’ve never been to Puck Fair, can’t see the goat or the height of the cage in the picture above and the petition can’t even provide a photo of the supposed cruel treatment. So it’s hard for me to judge how cruel it really is. But it seems like a simple enough solution. Bring the height down a good bit and make him comfortable as hell. Solved.

    1. Bejayziz

      Everyone know’s goats are terrified of heights, thats why they spend so much time on mountain sides

  6. Murtles

    Was at the Puck Fair about 5 years ago. They usually get a mountain goat so I don’t think vertigo is a problem. The goat is not left up there for the solid three days, it’s taken into a secure enclosure at night and at all times it’s in the cage, it has plenty of food and water and is checked once a day by a vet. Wish some of the other animals were treated as good. Some horse fairs have gone to FPuck.

    1. Jess

      Why do I have the feeling that you wouldn’t like that very much?

      Even the most ardent of animal rights activists can distinguish between using an animal as food and tormenting it for entertainment

  7. MintyFresh

    Why would we enforce animal rights when we can’t even do human rights? Now if the animal was cute or a baby animal or even remotely fluffy, it would be a different story.

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