Paddy Angryman: Episode 3



It’s here.

Part three of the controversial weekly web series about an irish blogger’s attempts to save the internet in Ireland.


Now you’re addicted.

Starring Giles Brody, Charlene Craig and Tara Flynn. Director of Photography James McDonnell; Assistant Director: Eoin Duggan; Production Design: Donnacha O’Brien; Written and directed by Diarmuid O’Brien.

Previously: Episode 1
Episode 2

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Thanks Simon Mulholland

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16 thoughts on “Paddy Angryman: Episode 3

    1. Mani

      I’m curious as to what is making this controversial. If anything it makes me weep at how technology has made this so easy to make.

      1. JamesP

        Hey Bacchus and Mani, the fact that you don’t have any knowledge how much time and effort goes into filming even something no-budget as this proves that you both have never attempted to, nor will ever, achieve anything.

        Keep up the hard work.

        1. Bacchus

          Well James it certainly LOOKS as if little effort went into it but maybe you think that makes it very very professional? It doesn’t. Also… if a viewer needs to be informed about the technical process in order to find a comedy funny there’s something very wrong with your poroduction values. Also.. I don’t think understand the words “fact” or “proves”.

  1. Peter81

    Hmm, I enjoyed the first two episodes, quick witted and very funny. Episode 3 is a bit lacking, sorry.

  2. curmudgeon

    Ah hell I’m smitten. I love these, they may be short but perfectly formed and very well written. Please tell me the beard was real, beardliness is next to manliness.

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