In The Shadows



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We’re All Dissidents Now

Prime Time’s Mark Coughlan – The water protests in north Dublin (RTE)

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12 thoughts on “In The Shadows

    1. downtowntrain

      Christ above. Nothing good can come from that. Was there any reason given for the show of force? Do they expect to have to shoot the local dissidents?

      Putting the gun back in Irish politics, what?

      1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        They should have brought snooker cues instead, which they could snap in half using their knees.

    2. Mikeyfex

      Hardly a show of force. The lads didn’t even take their hands out of their pockets. The protesters seemed fine and reasonable too. My guess is they were the closest unit when the call went out.

      1. downtowntrain

        Sorry, that read a bit dramatic. That said, if things escalated, as it has potential to do, having guns involved is an unnecessary risk.

      2. Clampers Outside!

        I dunno Mikeyfex….. you don’t send out the danger boys willy nilly. That’s why they are the armed response unit, they’re last call.

        Or has the govt reduced our Gardaí to so few numbers we’ll see these guys out saving cats in trees next?

        I know everything was nice and courteous in the video, but why have them there at all, and in FULL KIT. The only answer I can think of is simply…. intimidation. And I’ll believe that until I hear otherwise.

        1. Mikeyfex

          Ya, ye’re both right of course. It’s risky sending those boys along. There’s a lot of assumptions being made between us though so contrary to broadsheet fashion we’ll leave it at that until we become more informed.

    3. Original Cynic

      That is a seriously unsettling situation. Any GRA/politician rushing to explain? No, thought not.

  1. Dubloony

    Does it come as a surprise that when there is a lot of anger, and people are getting organised about it that there are groups in this country who try to take advantage of the situation?
    Its a vanguard infiltration, classic tactic – get a crowd, preferably all stirred up, infiltrate and then try to lead them where you want to go.

    Its why we haven’t had many protest up til now, its so off putting for people who want a peaceful protest. For many people, its about a water protest, for a small group its about the revolution. They are just tend to be a bit hazy on what comes next.

    It happens with every protest in this country. We’d have a much more active civic body if they clowns would sod off back to the nineteenth century.

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