Do You Work The Stephen’s Green Taxi Rank?



Find this bag.

And claim a grand.

Mick Pick writes:

“I left this black backpack with Openet written on it in a taxi drop off in Stocking Lane [Rathfarnham, Dublin] on Friday, November 7. Pick up was at Stephen’s Green rank at about 11pm. I’m offering a reward of €1,000. It contained gifts for my partner and a laptop with a lot of irreplaceable family photos, also iPod and sunglasses. Fortunately, the laptop can’t be sold as the hard drive is encrypted and would need to be replaced. Also, the serial number can be tracked as soon as it gets an open internet connection. The driver was a very pleasant African gentleman and may not have even seen the bag in the back so please if anyone came across this bag please contact me on 086 795 3523 or below”


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33 thoughts on “Do You Work The Stephen’s Green Taxi Rank?

  1. MichaelP

    Yeah, have tried all the Garda stations so starting to lose hope for it, but thanks for the suggestion.

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Just to let yo know, I just got a call this morning from the taxi guy who had my bag since the October Bank Holiday…. two and a half weeks ago.

      Be patient and good luck again!

    1. lurker

      Depends on the encryption method, and some of them won’t allow a new hard drive to be installed while the encryption is still in place.

      1. MichaelP

        Its a work laptop(Mac) and the IT guys are confident the person would have to swap out a lot of hardware for it to be usable again.

  2. ESV

    Yeah right, gifts for your partner. There’s something else in there you need protected. Hope you get it back. Unless it’s child porn.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Hope you find it, did the same on the Oct BH weekend, but just clothes and toilet bag, nothing back yet either.

    Anyway, how does one do this…. “the serial number can be tracked as soon as it gets an open internet connection”
    Genuine question, thanks.

  4. majo

    It is me magubo. I drive taxi and pick up bag. my friend in nigeria open hard drive and find many picture. not good. to get back please deposit monies into account BIC Lagas International AC 25373522 many monies in excess of qoute please deposits 10k

  5. Le Catch

    The taxi man might still have it and hasn’t dropped it in yet – happened to me. They can only drop them in 5 Garda stations in the city and often they will wait until they are passing one to call in. So your bag may still be with him until one of his routes goes past one of the stations.

    Also with the amount of lost property and changing shifts in the stations it could be there already and hasn’t been noticed. I called one station looking for a bag was told no. Rang back a few hours later and they had it – it was there for a couple of days.

    Anyway – keeping ringing back the stations and fingers crossed it turns up.

        1. uch

          he Carriage Office no longer deals with lost property. There are 5 designated Garda stations in the Dublin area that manage property that has been found in taxis. The stations are:

          Irishtown: 01 666 9600
          Store Street: 01 666 8000
          Finglas: 01 666 7500
          Tallaght: 01 666 6000
          Shankill: 01 666 5900

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