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Find this bag.

And claim a grand.

Mick Pick writes:

“I left this black backpack with Openet written on it in a taxi drop off in Stocking Lane [Rathfarnham, Dublin] on Friday, November 7. Pick up was at Stephen’s Green rank at about 11pm. I’m offering a reward of €1,000. It contained gifts for my partner and a laptop with a lot of irreplaceable family photos, also iPod and sunglasses. Fortunately, the laptop can’t be sold as the hard drive is encrypted and would need to be replaced. Also, the serial number can be tracked as soon as it gets an open internet connection. The driver was a very pleasant African gentleman and may not have even seen the bag in the back so please if anyone came across this bag please contact me on 086 795 3523 or below”


The award-winning SEIL bag by Lee Myung Su has an LED display and a remote control for your handlebars.

The bag is designed to work in two modes: Driving Mode and Emotion Mode. In the Driving Mode it shows left and right turn signals, brake, cruise and emergency signals, controlled via a detachable remote.  An acceleration sensor detects speed and activates the stop signal automatically. Emotion Mode displays a variety of emoticons, just for the heck of it.

The promo video is great, but the music will actually make you hate the product. Hatred is also an emotion.

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