Romantic Ireland’s Ted And Gone


john and maryFather Ted’s John and Mary

Emily writes:

I know that this is not usually the kind of thing you post…and it may come across as if I’m looking for a shameless plug but I do genuinely think that your readers may be interested in this one…

I am selling two Tickets to TedFest (the Father Ted cult festival). Tedfest runs from Thursday February  26 to Sunday March 1 on Craggy Island (Inis Mór!) and is a must for any serious Father Ted fans. More details can be found here

I bought the tickets as a Christmas present for my (ex) boyfriend (back when we were blissfully unaware of our incompatibility) and like the decent lad he is, he has insisted on giving them back to me. I got them for €150 quid each but am willing to accept any fair offer!

Two Tickets To Tedfest (DoneDeal)

20 thoughts on “Romantic Ireland’s Ted And Gone

  1. Anti-Frilly Keane

    You have to tell us more about the incompatible stuff first

    Only fair
    G’on G’on G’on

  2. Soundings

    Hang on a second, are we supposed to return gifts to exes? Since when did that become etiquette? Unless the ex would appreciate the gift more than you. Ah,,, see why ye broke up, now.

    1. The Old Boy

      The big one used to be about returning the ring if an engagement came to an end.

      I think the return of presents is a nice gesture in amicable circumstances, but certainly one to play by ear.

  3. Rob_G

    So, you got your ex to give you his Xmas present back so that you could sell them on DoneDeal?


    1. Emily

      Well I gave him back the Ed Sheeran Wembley tickets he bought me so its all fair game really, Rob…

  4. Anti-Frilly Keane

    The answer is there for all t’see
    He gave you Ed Sheeran
    You got him back with Father Ted Fest

    Seems to have been doomed from a longs ways off Emily

        1. Soundings

          That will learn you Emily, when trying to flog stuff, you need a better backstory, preferably one involving cute pets, a stolen bike, an abortion or coming out of the closet. Good luck with selling the tickets, looks like a fantastic festival centered on Ireland’s best comedy.

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