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Bishop of Elphin Kevin Doran

“What I’d say to a Catholic who voted Yes is this, if you voted Yes knowing and intending that abortion would be the outcome then you should consider coming to confession…

…Ultimately all sin, and sin is not just related to this area, but all sin is about decisions that impact on our relationship with God.”

Catholics who voted Yes should consider confession, says Bishop (irish Times)


john and maryFather Ted’s John and Mary

Emily writes:

I know that this is not usually the kind of thing you post…and it may come across as if I’m looking for a shameless plug but I do genuinely think that your readers may be interested in this one…

I am selling two Tickets to TedFest (the Father Ted cult festival). Tedfest runs from Thursday February  26 to Sunday March 1 on Craggy Island (Inis Mór!) and is a must for any serious Father Ted fans. More details can be found here

I bought the tickets as a Christmas present for my (ex) boyfriend (back when we were blissfully unaware of our incompatibility) and like the decent lad he is, he has insisted on giving them back to me. I got them for €150 quid each but am willing to accept any fair offer!

Two Tickets To Tedfest (DoneDeal)


Belgium this afternoon.

Michael Pidgeon writes:

“Taken outside the European Parliament by Friends of the Earth Europe. Pretty much every protest you go to with an Irish person – no matter what the cause – the classic Father Ted protest signs will inevitably show up. This protest is against Miguel Arias Cañete‘s appointment as EU Climate and Energy Commissioner. Up until his nomination, he was chairman of two oil companies, so it’s pretty safe to say he’s something of a dodgy pick for the job. The petition against him has nearly 300,000 signatures already….”

father tenda


A video clip has emerged of the Taoiseach Enda Kenny on the campaign trail in Galway.

People Before Profit Alliance’s Dette McLoughlin confronted the Taoiseach on the issue of water charges.

The Taoiseach’s response:

“You’re not from Galway at all”


What did Enda Kenny mean by that question? (Kernan Andrews, Galway Advertiser)

Previously: Enda Kenny To Protester: “You Could Do With A Day’s Work, I’d Say.”