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In case you missed it (it’s been around for weeks) behold the 50 Shades Of Gran twitter feed. To wit:

Erotica for the over 80s

There’s also an accompanying blog.

(H/T: Marsupial)

Vic Barry of The Movie Bit writes:

Hi Broadsheet people. We’re teaming up with The Reel cinema in Blackpool, Cork to give readers an opportunity to get their very own private screening of Fifty Shades Of Grey for themselves and ten friends. Female readers are being asked to get hold of their own Mr.Grey, and record him reciting one of Christian Grey’s famous lines.

(a) Laters, Baby
(b) I don’t know whether to worship at your feet or spank the living sh*t out of you.
(c) I do believe you’re making my palm twitch

Here now. Steady on.

More details here.

Between Shades of Grey is about a Lithuanian girl called Lina whose town is taken over by the Soviets. One night she, her mother and her brother Jonas are hauled on to a cattle car and their fight for survival starts. As they travel through Russia they make friends, enemies and they meet people they will never forget.

Between Shades Of Grey (The Guardian/Children’s Books, Review)


Thanks James Dargan Ward