Staying In Tonight?



BBC Spotlight reporter Jennifer O’Leary meets Paudie McGahon (top), now 40, who says he was abused as a teenager by an IRA member and subjected to a kangaroo court and cover-up similar to the experience faced by Mairia Cahill.

Spotlight on BBC1 at 10.45pm.

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27 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. Soundings

    This programme has been coming down the tracks for a few months, and Shinners will have known about it last week before the gathering in Derry.

    Focus will return to what happened those accused of abuse during the conflict, were they moved to other neighborhoods (yes), were they monitored (to a limited extent), were they reported to the RUC/PSNI/Gardai (certainly not before 2004, very limited afterwards until late 2014), did the accused perpetrators re-offend in their relocated neighborhoods (no evidence has yet emerged), what are the Shinners doing about this legacy of the conflict where you couldn’t hand the perpetrators over to the authorities (call for an all-Ireland inquiry).

  2. Eamonn Clancy

    No one has ever been sexually abused by a member of the Labour Party, Fine Gael or Finna Fail. Ever.

    1. der

      Is there any evidence of other parties running kangaroo courts and covering up the abuse? Not so far.
      It’s time for Gerry to step aside and let Mary Lou lead, It would serve the country and the party well.

      1. ahyeah

        No Shinner would serve the country well. FULL STOP. Marylou is just as despicable as Gerry, a parasitic street fighter.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          She’s a flip flopper on issues to gain popularity, and she’s a bare faced liar to the public on abuse carried out and/or covered up by her own party and their affiliates.

          She’ll probably throw another strop to distract from the bad press, if this gets legs…. give it a day or two…

      2. Mr. T.

        The Catholic Church did that for them. Don’t fool yourself into thinking high ranking members of our establishment parties weren’t involved in abuse and it’s cover up.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Nobody is.

          But when we have a ring leader who admits to his role in the Dail we have a different kettle of fish altogether.
          Stay focused Mr T, stay focused on what we do know, not what we’d like to think we know.

  3. Clampers Outside!

    Gerry knows plenty of these offenders, sure didn’t he say himself he expelled them.

    Gerry for Taoiseach?

    Will ya go an’ shove that up idea up your bloody cake hole thank you very much. Never.

  4. Mr. T.

    Establishment propaganda to undermine the threat of a Left government. They are scared sh1tless of losing their grip on wealth and power.

    They couldn’t give a toss about victims of abuse, just like Fine Gael used Mairia Cahill and then dropped her like a hot potato as soon as things good weird and uncertain. You should see the Twitter cesspit involving her and loads of followers/critics. Sordid stuff, all warped by political dirty tricks.

    It’s a disservice to victims of abuse to use them as political pawns. Disgusting.

    1. Clampers Outside!


      The Shinners have never cared for the abused and they proved that with their campaign of non-cooperation with the authorities in the North and then holding kangaroo courts and setting perpetrators free.
      They were doing it for years and it is disgusting.

      Fair play to Gerry for at least admitting the truth about kangaroo courts and his roll in the expulsion of abusers into the south, which he admitted in the Dail.
      I’m sure it helped get the ball rolling on this.

  5. Terry Crone

    What ever happened to Tara Brown, the National Secretary of the RNU Dissidents?

    Did her cousin ever get her a job with that quality Sunday paper?

    Before the election, I expect claims that Adams & Mary-Lou officiated at black Masses. No evidence or court proceedings necessary. As Tara showed, the only court that matters is public opinion & newspapers like grumpy Beaker’s will merrily oblige.

    If there’s evidence of criminality, prosecute, though the heavens fall. Simplez.
    I so admire the truth-lovin’ SF haterz.

    1. Jt

      Crone in name and no doubt in nature, the next time I hear Sinn Fein accuse Israel of war crimes, I will apply that logic, no evidence of criminality as no court has deemed it so. Anyone with a brain knows that an act can be illegal but not constitute a crime, whilst a criminal act can be perfectly legal.

      1. Terry Crone

        Precisely so. I actually agree with your point about legality & criminality. The dividing line is morally unreliable, and drawn by whoever happens to be in charge. Hence it is incorrect to condemn the IRA as terrorists or rape-condoners, and say the legal authorities & establishment are good guys. Hence Michael McDowell was wrong to say Bobby Sands was a criminal (he was exactly the same as McDowell’s hero, M. Collins).

        If SF allowed rape, throw the book at them. Don’t just throw muck at them.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Gerry did officiate kangaroo courts and admitted in the Dail to the “expulsion” of offenders from the North into the South.

          Evidence right there, from the horses mouth.

        2. scundered

          when you take it upon yourself to start and support a bombing campaign without any authority that most certainly makes you a terrorist.

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