And So To Ted


Lauren Walsh (left) and Fiona Dowling (right) with the Fr Ted watercolour painting by Dublin artist, Pervaneh Matthews outside Balla Bán Art Gallery, Westbury Mall, Dublin 2 (101)

Lauren Walsh (left) and Fiona Dowling with a Fr Ted watercolour by Dublin artist, Pervaneh Matthews

This afternoon.

Balla Bán Art Gallery owner Frank O’Dea writes:

Lauren Walsh and Fiona Dowling from the Glasnevin Musical Society took at break from promoting their new musical “Sister Act” in Dublin City to admire a painting of their ‘idols’ from Fr Ted which is 20 years old this week.The painting is by Dublin artist, Pervaneh Matthews and can be viewed at the gallery , Westbury Mall, Dublin. The ‘sisters’ were soaking up some of the sunshine ahead of their musical comedy which runs until Saturday 25th April at the National Concert Hall, Dublin….

That’s enough plugs.

Balla Ban Gallery



Elaine Kelleher writes:

Given the day that’s in it – I just wanted to let you know about my new series of Father Ted Prints – launched today in celebration of the 20th Anniversary. You can check them out here or on ETSY here.

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15 thoughts on “And So To Ted

    1. Mick Flavin

      Bar the ubiquitous “Drink! Feck!…” and “Go on, go on…” what are the most egregiously overused Ted quotes?

      I’m browned off with a lot of them, but “A great bunch of lads” when referring to any group of Chinese people has become particularly annoying to me at this stage.

      1. jonotti

        Aye, the great bunch of lads one and the near, far away quote are always the sign of a dullard.

  1. jeremy kyle

    That painting is really good, but there’s something a little off about Ted. He’s like a cross between Data from Star trek and Severus Snape.

    1. Hank

      I think Ted, Dougal and Jack are all just a tiny bit off in the painting. Mrs Doyle is spot on though..

  2. All Corrs are Lizards

    wouldnt mind making a HABIT of riding the nun on the left, however fr. ted was 1/3 rubbish and thats being generous

  3. Nikkeboentje

    I was at a legal meeting in Geneva which had gone on for hours. It was around midnight and everyone was starving. One of the partners went to the office kitchen to see if he could find any food. He came back with a Panettone cake. I offered to cut the cake. As I was taking it out of the box I noticed there was a little bag of icing sugar with it. I lifted up the cake and little bag of icing sugar and said in my best Mrs Doyle accent “Cake? I have cake and there’s cocaine in it!”. Utter silence! What should have been the best comedy moment of my life was ruined as the room was full of Swiss people and they’d never even heard of Father Ted.

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