She Wouldn’t Let It Lie


90377686Catherine Murphy outside Leinster House this morning.


GOS writes:

Paper based.
No ability to ask questions or hear from people excluded from process.
To be carried out by KPMG employees – which firm incidently audits a number of Denis O’Brien companies (INM, Communicorp, Beacon). That’ll get to the bottom of it all right.


Ms Murphy tweeted another batch of FOI documents [including one literally unreadably blurry] that appear to further test Michael Noonan’s belief that Siteserv was the best deal for the state.




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13 thoughts on “She Wouldn’t Let It Lie

    1. Otis Blue


      And the next election offers a great opportunity for this. Let’s hope some credible candidates emerge to break the cosy consensus of FG/FF and Labour.

    2. Tá Frilly Keane

      Wouldn’t that be the jobbie Joe

      Too man grey men
      In grey suits
      Will win out

  1. Anne

    Will what’s his name from Limerick.. Eh Sean Corkery be disappointed about this too?
    Aw. All together now.. Aww.

  2. Spartacus

    The quality of the images is poor. I can’t make out whether the underlining represents emphasis by the original authors of the 11 June and 12 July documents or if it was added by hand later.

    If original, someone in the DoF appears to have been doing ther best to give Baldy a hint or two.

    1. Otis Blue

      I’d wager that the memo’s are not contemporaneous but rather an attempt to rewrite the narrative to suit current political needs.

  3. martco

    She’s just played a stormer again on Primetime….

    Catherine v’s Simon Harris (a slithery looking yoke like that sleeveen Alan Cumming character out of that dreadful movie Circle of Friends)

    Well played FG you greasy till fumblers, you’re clearly visible now for all to see, you make the FF Galway tent look good

    Well played Labour, you unrecognisable pack of fupping useless Thatcher-loving gimps. You have no idea who you are anymore, I’d say poor Dr. Noël Browne is well and truly on the spin cycle in his grave

    g’wan Catherine Murphy!!!

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