Bonded By Water



From left: Socialist Party TD Paul Murphy, People Before Profit Dublin City Councillor Brid Smyth and Sinn Féin TD Pearse Doherty at a Right2Water press conference in August.

Sinn Féin will announce this week that it has signed up to a number of broad policy principles drafted by those behind the anti-water charges movement and ask its supporters to transfer to others who support the initiative.

Party sources say supporters will be asked to continue their preferences for other parties and Independents who have signed up to the Right2Change policy principles. One source also said Sinn Féin signing up to this approach will create a “new dynamic” for the election.

The Right2Change group already includes the People Before Profit and Socialist Party-Anti Austerity Alliance.


Sinn Féin to agree pact with left-wing parties and Independents (irish Times)


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27 thoughts on “Bonded By Water

        1. ahjayzis

          Unfortunately due to the negative seat bonus last time around, even a few percentage points of an increase could give them ten more TD’s – prepare for 5 years of them pretending they’re “back, baby.”

          My biggest hope for the GE is an FG/FF coalition.

          1. ahjayzis

            It’ll be worth it. A coalition would break their spell – we’d all realise they’re the same f**king party and we haven’t had a change of government since independence.

          2. Neilo

            Conversely, my biggest fear is such a coalition: it would embolden the political wing of the Provisional IRA something fierce!

          3. ahjayzis

            Chance I’m willing to take. They’ll be Dublin-lead before long. It’d also give space for the likes of the SocDems to grow into something – I hope they absorb what’s left of Labour.

            With FG/FF constantly tagging in and out all we get is stagnation, if not regression.

            Take the health service – it’s in crisis whether we’re rolling in money or completely broke, you still wait 20 hours in the waiting room to be seen, whether you go tomorrow or went in 2006. That’s not a cash crunch or shortages, that’s it working as designed. They’re not leaders, they have no vision, they’re admins in it for the fun of the game and they’re BAD at it.

  1. DubLoony

    SF saying to support this & transfer votes but socialists are not reciprocating. If they can’t agree on a voting pact, not much chance of forming a government.

    SF supporters tend not to do transfers, so this is a new departure.

  2. Supercrazyprices

    Fine Gael will have to think up new ways of staying in power, like creating a false emergency and introducing emergency legislation (martial law). They’re probably drafting a plan just in case. Do a Portugal on it.

  3. edalicious

    I’d love to see somebody else in power that wasn’t FF/FG but I don’t know that the Shinners would be right for the job either.

    1. Wayne Carr

      I really can’t understand why anyone would favour Sinn Féin’s economic policy over that of the sovereignty-destroying Fianna Fáil party. I literally can’t think of a better party, economically speaking, than Fianna Fáil. (and they’ll fix the road)

      I also can’t understand why anyone would favour Sinn Féin’s fake (let’s be honest about it) socialist thing that they do. Fine Gael clearly care more about the working, and lower-middle classes, than any of those beardy eejits in the IRA.

      I’m all for having a different party in power, but like commmmmme onnnnnnn…

  4. alex lyons

    so the sinners are saying to give your transfers to people who dont want you giving your transfers to the shinners?

    almost as if AAA/PBP realise Sinn Fein only opposed water charges after the issue lost them a bye election seat

    1. DubLoony

      We have a winner!
      SF taking on some ideas from another party with a view to trampling them. SDLP a case in point.

  5. Clampers Outside!

    The Shinners… voted for, supported and helped set up the systems for the privatisation of water in Northern Ireland.

    The Shinners… voted for water charges in Europe.

    The Shinners… lost a seat to Paul Murphy due to their pro-water stance on water charges…. so Sinn Fein is now a party of the people saying ‘no’ to water charges in order to get a popular vote.

    Vote SF, they’ll promise you the world and deliver you an economy with 30% of the work force in the public sector just like in NI…. yay!

    1. Jake38

      The only difference with NI will be that we will have to pay for the Shinners econovoodoo policies. At least in NI the English taxpayer is stumping up for their fairyland public sector “economy”.

      1. Jon

        “their”? The NI economy being based on nothing much at all is a state of affairs that very much pre-dates Sinn Fein getting into power up there.

        1. Jake38

          Yes……..and if the Shinners were in power here very soon we’s have an economy “based on nothing much at all” as well.

    2. Leela2011

      also in many private sector companies kept going with Invest NI money, people have nothing to do and are learning nothing. same with some of the cross border initiatives

  6. rugbyfan

    There is a place in the Lego movie called Cloud Cukoo Land. This will give you an insight to how things will look under SF!

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